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The TTP Ignition Advance Curve Advantage


Since 2007 Triumph Twin Power have been the innovators of remapping modified ignition advance curves for the Triumph twin range. Being the only company Worldwide to offer this service for the carb model igniter units, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. Before starting this service we developed reliable ignition advance curves to help bring together the tractability & power of your engine modifications. Our ignition advance maps have been developed with many hours of dyno testing and real world road work to ensure you get the very best in tractability and power delivery available from your Triumph twin.

Stage 1

This remap is for every bike, it works for a "bog standard" engine or one with airbox or pod filter modifications along with any exhaust system changes you've made. The Stage 1 ignition advance curve helps make the most of your bike's power & torque.

Stage 2 (865/904 only)

Due to engine efficiency changes with performance cams installed, you will not release all the power available from your hardware if used with the stock ignition advance curve. The OEM curve is conservative on a modified bike, if this curve is used with performance cams, the spark fires too late to burn all the fuel, which reduces power output and you'll not achieve the full power potential of the modifications that you've installed.

User Programmable Igniter Units

The prospect of having your own user programmable igniter unit, where you can load a map that you have adjusted yourself is very appealing to many Triumph twin owners who enjoy "fettling" their bikes. But, the right ignition advance curve for your engine won't be achieved by guess work. If you get it wrong, you will lose power and if you get it really wrong, detonation can occur with possible engine damage.

This compilation of dyno's shows the improvement over OEM as the Twin Power Stage 2 Tune was developed.To develop a good ignition advance curve, you need access to a dyno so you can carry out multiple runs between adjustments to test where you're "improvements" have gained or lost you power. Without a reliable way of analysing your modified advance curve, you're playing a guessing game and it will be pure luck if you get it anywhere close to right.

There is also a known problem that has been reported by many owners on the Triumph forums regarding cold and warm start issues on some programmable igniter units. This problem is caused by incorrect igniton advance timing in the early part of the advance curve and is a good indication that the base advance curve has not been developed with the care and attention required to give a silky smooth transition throughout the rev range. A problem that re-programmed igniters and the TTP Fire Starter Performance Igniter Unit don't suffer from.

With a Triumph Twin Power ignition advance curve remap of your stock igniter unit or the TTP Fire Starter Performance Igniter Unit, you know you're keeping reliability and gaining an advance curve that is right for your engine configuration.

The Triumph Twin Power ignition advance remap service, is only available for the OEM Triumph igniter units. When you receive your igniter back from us, you just plug it in, get on your bike and enjoy a more tractable and powerful ride with a higher rev limit. It's a "Plug & Play" modification.

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