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Constant sto

- 13th November 2017

Service was brilliant, goods arrived earlier then expected.

Once fitted all my previous problems have now appeared to be a thing of the past, hope this item lasts as i had got to a point of frustration as she was so unreliable to take out any distance.

Best igniter on the market

- 11th August 2017

I have a tuned 2004 America with 50,000 miles. Not long ago, left cylinder started cutting out after the motor warmed up. Checked everything, and deemed the culprit to be the CDI.

Very noticeable increase in performance. loads of torque, great top end (running 18/44 sprockets),sweet mid range power around 4000 rpms, no more lopey idle. Smooth, tractable and powerful.

Ignition Failure

- 29th July 2017

Had a complete breakdown of ignition days before my holiday on Bonnie, TTP came through, discussing the problem and supplying a new unit the next day after phoning in my order! Will definitely use TTP again!

Fire starter igniter, worth the effort!!

- 11th July 2017

One cylinder not firing on my scrambler which is a common problem with standard ignition. Did some research and bought one.

Arrived in Australia in record time, pulled old one out and new in. Problem fixed and never run so well and now going to look at some other upgrades from TTP. Great work guys as very happy with your product.

Money Well Spent

- 27th June 2017

I woke up my 2004 low mileage Thruxton with the TTP ignitor, the Blue Flame coil, and the Stage 1 Carb induction kit (baffle removed). It now pulls like a train up to and past the ton with ponies to spare using the stock gearing. It has a very liberal rev limit now and has made riding fun again. I already had TORS and a slightly fatter main jet and thought that was as good as it got without cams and flat slides......I was wrong. Gone are the hard starts too. These products deliver and are worth the expense.

Fire starter igniter

- 18th June 2017

Delivered really quick .fitted quick ,problem solved and performance improved even quicker.Cheers


- 17th June 2017

Spent a month messing about with the electrics to decide it was CDI.
Decided this was a cheaper option than stock and I could consider it an upgrade to boot (so I could forgive the purchase if it wasn't the CDI at fault!)

And after a couple' hundred miles with it installed I can happily say it's one hell of an upgrade.
I've had riding buddies tell me how much quicker she is from months prior, I've had moments of looking down at a 70mph+ speedo while trying to nip up to 50.
Removed SAI at the same time and deceleration popping has pretty much gone (Shame in a way.).
And I have cocktail shakers, so that was one hell of an achievement.

If you don't have one, buy one. If you don't need to replace the CDI and don't have one of these, buy one anyway.

Fire Starter Performance Igniter Unit

- 08th June 2017

Got my Scrambler on the road again! Very quick delivery, only one day to Finland. Bike is now much better than new. Looking for some other products as well...


- 28th May 2017

Took it for a run yesterday and it was SO much better than the old orignal. Much smoother, less popping and none of the sudden snatch as you open up.
Well pleased!


- 25th May 2017

Dead easy to replace the original, even down to the plastic rivet thingy (why they use that and not a bolt I don't know).
Very little popping on the overrun now and sound nice and smooth - just need to take it for a decent run!

Very Impressed!

- 24th May 2017

I have a heavily modified 05 speedmaster, after going though 2 OEM igniters and a procom, none quite did the job. After installing the stage 2 firestarter, the bike starts much easier and winds out faster. It will do the ton in 3rd without even trying hard. I am very pleased.


- 07th May 2017

Bought 2001 Hinkley carb Bonnie with only 6k miles as it had been left in a garage for years! Major issue was the coughing, spluttering, backfiring engine which also had the habit of cutting out on one cylinder or stopping completely! Binned the AI system -small improvement. Had the carbs stripped, cleaned and re-jetted so they were balanced to the Triumph performance pipes already fitted by previous owner - small improvement. Read some threads on Triumph forums and ordered the Fire Starter performance igniter unit from TTP - IT'S LIKE A NEW BIKE! The unit arrived the day after I ordered it and took 10 mins to fit which included taking off the seat. Immediate improvement in all aspects of engine running and most importantly, all of the previously mentioned issues are gone! Highly recommended and a reasonable price! Well done TTP! Loving the whole Triumph experience again!

Great product!

- 13th April 2017

Received my Fire Starter Igniter within about a week of ordering (impressive considering it came from the U.K. and had to clear US Customs). It plugged right in and bike fired right up.

This was the final piece in upgrading/replacing my stock ignition system (pickup coil, ignition coil, igniter) and as the most critical part I wanted a unit that was tailored for the Bonneville, fit like stock, more reliable than OEM and a warranty to boot? SOLD! Great product can't wait to buy other bits from Triumph Twin Power!

Fire Starter Igniter Unit

- 21st February 2017

What a great product !!!
The Fire starter has transformed the power delivery on my heavily modified Bonneville. It was the final part of the jigsaw to making my bike exactly what I wanted it to be. Loads of usable torque & loads of fun .

Highly recommended!

Fire Starter igniter

- 22nd November 2016

After a year of faffing about with checking coils, plugs and wiring and umpteen test runs, I read the posts on the Triumph Rat forum suggesting the CDI unit was faulty. After purchasing the TTP Fire Starter Igniter unit the problem of 'missing on one pot' after a run of 25 miles or so and limping back home disappeared with improved performance and most of all being able to trust my Bonnie America once again.

Thanks Mike and all at TTP for a great product.
Brian (Bulgaria)

The best igniter on the market! Better than OEM units!!!

- 15th November 2016

This is best Igniter on the market, hands down. Do not waste your money on OEM or a Procom unit. This product has a great low end and top to spare.

Protip: if your in the US like I am. Order it on Monday for the best shipping times. Royal Mail and US customs eats up two days in transit.

Thanks TTP! I'm riding again in the beautiful South Florida weather!

Outstanding hardware and customer service!

- 01st November 2016

First class product, highly recommended. I was experiencing periodic ignition problems with my America, including intermittent loss of power, then surges as the power came back. Dangerous!

I'm glad I saved myself the hassle, expense and lost riding time of systematically replacing leads, coils etc - I went straight to the igniter, and I'm glad that I did. The Fire Starter feels heavy duty and well made - British engineering at its best. It sorted my annoying ignition problems immediately on my 865 America and 1000 miles later I've not had a single recurring symptom.

Engine starting has also improved, and overall I've noticed a definite (though slight) improvement on performance. Does require tank removal on an America so give yourself time to do that, but otherwise a very quick plug and play. Seems expensive but well worth the cash. Service from TTP was first class, module came well packaged and arrived very quickly. Will happily order from them again. Hope that is helpful if you are considering the investment.


Fire Starter Igniter Unit

- 30th October 2016

After 5 months of trouble, especially starting my 2001 Bonneville, at last a breakthrough. Your Igniter Unit transformed my bike. First crank it lighted up; more responsive particularly in lower rev range; even idling. It arrived from UK to NZ in 4 days!
Thank you Twin Power. I'll be recommending this product to my colleagues.


- 23rd September 2016

Excellent!! Just bolt on and off you go.....a lot faster than before 😊

Igniter Unit

- 21st September 2016

Finally after years of fiddling this igniter unit fixed the random one cylinder firing problem that triumph america said didn't exist, "dipshits" I have half a mind to send the old unit to the CEO see what he says. Anyway thank you TTP the bike runs amazing I've never even got close to 100mph and tonight just hours after installing the new unit i hit 105mph, very fun.

Problem solved!

- 16th September 2016

My Bonneville America is now running
as it should. I am now back on the road
with a smile on my face thanks to this
product. Also a pleasure to do business
with Triumph Twin Power. Top marks and
many thanks.

Fire Starter Igniter

- 02nd September 2016

My 12-year old Bonnie T100 790cc was running very poorly and despite sorting fuel system, cleaning and balancing carbs, no joy.

Then got to work on the ignition, fitting the TTP Fire Starter Igniter. The bike now has a completely new lease of life! Crisp instant pick-up, pulls from low revs with no hesitation and revs far more freely up to the red line. A very worthwhile mod for an old bike that wasn't running too well...Highly recommended!

Fire Starter Ignition Module

- 22nd July 2016

Good communication. Packed very well for Transatlantic shipping and arrived in a timely fashion.

Product does what they say it will do and possibly a bit more for my 2005 America. Gas mileage at highway speed seems improved. Revving on accelerating through the gears is smoother.
And less run-on/backfire when rolling off the throttle and down shifting.
Thanks Mike and Twin Power Team!


- 28th June 2016

Fantastic, plugged in and off it went and it goes so much better.

Fire Starter

- 02nd June 2016

Received my Fire Starter for my 07 t100
Very quick shipping
Installed i 2 min
Fired right up :-)
Purring like a Lion
Very happy
Thanks guys

06 Thruxton Ignition Unit

- 31st May 2016

After several weeks of dealing with replacing spark coils,ignition coils, spark plugs and finally the pick up coil, it came down to a bad ignition Module. I was happy to find the Fire Starter unit with great reviews at a lower price than the OEM T129365 at $515. It was delivered to me with 10 days and Iasked the dealer to put it one. It fired right away and my engine runs better since the entire ignition assembly is now new. My overheating issues are gone also. Great product. I'm changing my exhaust now and curious to see how it will perform after.

TTP Firestarter

- 23rd May 2016

Wow... What a difference fitting this makes not just to performance but reliability & ridability too. Money well spent!

Many thanks TTP

2003 America perennial problem solved!

- 14th May 2016

After 4 years of frustration, much soul searching, internet forum surfing and a gut feeling, finally have nailed the random down to firing on one cylinder syndrome.

After only waiting one day for delivery, fitting new igniter and a memorable return road trip to Stafford from East Devon, I'm a very happy bunny, thanks a million TTP, great service, need I say more!!

Runs better than new!

- 19th April 2016

I bought this to replace an igniter that was bad and was very pleased with the increase in performance. I got it put in and it started right up. Runs better at all rpm.

Shipping was fast too I had it within 1 week.

Fire Starter

- 17th March 2016

I ordered it on a wed and received it 5 days later, given the fact that I live in new Zealand I think that's awesome. Plugged it in, pushed the button and it fired up straight away. So a great product and great delivery, thanks to the team at TTP.

Excellent product

- 08th March 2016

I fitted one of these ignition control units for the revised timing curves, in combination with TTP's other parts and recommendations (and also to hopefully fix an intermittent tacho problem). All I can say is the bike runs great now, I'm very happy with the whole package. I should have gone the "TTP route" when I first bought the bike a few years ago.

Nice Touch

- 09th February 2016

Plug and play, performs great, very noticeable difference.


- 19th January 2016

Excellent service, the order was delivered promptly, and the bike started and ran without a hitch.
Thanks again,


- 16th September 2015

I brought this igniter after my factory unit lost it's sparks, it works very well. One thing that I am surprised with is my mpg has improved by about 10%, I don't think this has been mentioned elsewhere.

Firestarter Ignition Module Stage 1

- 31st August 2015

2005 Triumph America runs great now after new Nology ignition coils and Fire Starter Igniter. TTP part chosen for plug & play; no computer work on my part. Good tech service from TTP and prompt shipping -- about 10 days order to my door in central USA.

Fire Starter Igniter

- 21st August 2015

My 2005 America [30,000+ miles] started running on one cylinder on the way home from a trip. I thought I'd gotten some rotten gas, then the shop thought it was a coil, got new coil, ran 60 seconds and back to being a heavy thumper.

New igniter from Triumph=$625.00, ouch. Had read about TTP on one of the forums so told the shop I'd get one myself [$303.00 delivered], took a couple weeks [I'm in Washington State, quite aways from England] and while following the package tracking saw a notation that it was "undeliverable", emailed Mike at TTP and I was able to pick it up the next day at the PO.

Put it on the bike and I'm still grinning. Was looking for every stop sign around just so I could get on it taking off. Runs better than I ever remember, even from new.

This has been a great bike, the igniter is the ONLY thing that's ever gone wrong with it, and now it's even more fun. Acceleration is much improved [I know it's not a crotch rocket but I do hang on a little tighter running through the gears now] haven't hit the limiter yet and used to do so too often. I'm sure it's there, just not used to the motor turning that fast yet.

To make a short story long I'll just say I am very impressed with the performance and the customer service from TTP. Good on you.

Fire Starter Igniter

- 18th August 2015

Super service. It worked like a dream and the rev counter is now working. Its like a new bike. Thank god for people like you that keep people like me on the road and away from the ripoff merchants. Fair price for a super unit, thanks again.

Terry Wiffen

Fire Starter

- 28th July 2015

Installed on a 2007 triumph America, wow what an improvement to power and torque. This bike runs great with the Fire Starter Stage 1 with free flow pipes, k&n filter and removed air intake. It runs like it should and sounds great, thanks TTP.


- 25th July 2015

First off, fired right up (wow) and I could dampen the idle half a turn down. Secondly, on the first test run I immediately realized to pay close attention to the throttle response or ride like I stole my own bike. Hey, I'm retired, the latter was not an option. Great product, quick response to inquiries and five day delivery to out in the boonies in California, USA, wow! Thanks, Tom.


- 12th July 2015

What a transformation.... easy starting, with no backfire to worry those of a nervous disposition, steady tickover and smooth delivery all the way. Thoroughly recommended. Thanks guys.

Fire Starter ECM

- 09th July 2015

We did some motor work on a customers 07 Bonnie including cams and the bike ran pretty damn good, but when Eric bought the TTP Fire Starter box and plugged it in it took the bike to another level of responsiveness, the lumpy idle disapeared and the bike pulled like a train to 8500rpm and was the icing on the cake, Very highly recommended.

Adrian-Canyon Motorcycles

07 bonny america

- 18th June 2015

Instant improvement, starts without any backfires that were annoying loud as a gunshot and was scared it would damage air box. I installed TTP Breathe intake, and Firestarter Igniter and was very pleased with results. My bike is running stronger than ever. Now I'm going to install larger jets to see what happens. Thanks TTP I'm a believer! Poultry Canuck who luvs British Bikes.

Perfect !!!

- 09th May 2015

After months of ignition issues i finally ordered this unit which works perfectly.
The Speedmaster now runs smoothly and the power has come back.

What a relief!

- 10th April 2015

Just fitted the igniter unit to a 790 Speedmaster to cure back fire and ignition/running issues; faulty ICU's are common with this bike apparently. It now runs better than when new and cost less than half the equivalent replacement part from Triumph. Service was fast and efficient and I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Enhanced performance

- 10th April 2015

Intermittent power loss and rough running. All testing led to nothing. So figured it was the 10 year old stock Gill igniter and ordered this one. WOW! What a difference it made. Starts, idles and accelerates better. And no more popping on engine braking, even though it sounded cool, it's better.

Fire starter

- 08th April 2015

Ordered this product on bank holiday Monday and it was delivered on the Wednesday. The unit also came with a extension lead so i could fit it away from the engine.
Took the bike out for a test ride and what a difference.
This is a great product and a great service. Will recommend Triumph Twin Power to everyone.

Nice Improvement

- 03rd April 2015

This replaces my stock Gill unit, and noticed a definite improvement. Starts quicker, idles higher and the mid range is really strong. Rev limiter 8,000 +. Can't go wrong with this unit. Great customer service too !!!

Fantastic service

- 16th March 2015

So, I have ordered the fire starter, but when writing this I have not received ordered product.
But if the product works as well as the service from the staff at triumph twin power it will be excellent.



Bloody marvellous!

- 04th February 2015

I had previously swapped the lacklustre OEM Gill igniter for two procom units, both of which failed on me after a couple of years. I decided to give the Fire Starter a go after hearing good things about TTP stock unit re-maps.

Holy crap this thing is nice. Way better than the Procom as well, in my opinion. The smoothness of this unit is fantastic, nice even power through the revs, much more controlled power....I am really impressed with this unit. Will be advising all my Bonnie mates to get this immediately.

As an aside, I found the service offered by TTP to be exceptional, I ordered this unit in the middle of nowhere after the second Procom unit failed on me. It was with my dealer the next morning and fitted. Prompt and knowledgeable service from TTP. Good guys to deal with, which is always a plus.

At last, my Speedmaster runs better !!

- 28th December 2014

Well made unit and speedy delivery. Thank you Mike. Before starting bike took battery off to charge, as it was a bit weak so with a full charge away it fired and no load crack of exhaust noise when it did, Triumph should really get a grip on those faulty Gill units, I would advise that any one who has had an issue with igniter problems should invest in a Fire starter unit, these are cheaper than the Procom igniter units from the EBay USA site. A very happy chappy now that I know my Triumph can behave its self. Well done, TTP.


- 26th December 2014

Simply amazing what this box did for my 904 America. Starts very easy, idles better, and the throttle response is amazing. The best money I have ever spent on this bike since the 904 kit. This is the first performance upgrade that should be made, even if you are not after more performance. Thank you TTP!


- 25th October 2014

The 270 Fire Starter igniter I installed on my 2007 America works great. Power curve is total kick ass, also starts great in the cold weather 37f. Great service very helpful always talked with real people, fast responses.

Fire Starter & Jetting Kit

- 23rd October 2014

I just ordered parts from TTP and your fast response was great. Thanks for all your help, most companies leave you hanging waiting for the answer, thanks Mark

So much better

- 13th September 2014

The installation is super easy,the hardest thing about it is removing the tank!Since fitting the unit under the seat on top of my repositioned battery box I have now done about a 1000 miles and for my bike the first noticeable difference was no more random ear splitting detonations on starting.They've gone,totally cured,they were that bad they cracked the side out of my airbox hence the pods etc.Plus better acceleration through the range and a higher top end (thanks to the modified rev limiter I suppose ?).So a well worthwhile improvement.

Nice improvement

- 05th September 2014

It is a pleasure to do business with a company that makes a great product, has knowledgeable staff, and responds quickly to customer questions with insightful answers. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience dealing with TTP. The igniter unit is a 30 second installation and it fits perfectly with the supplied hardware. My bike started instantly and there is definitely a performance improvement. The engine is more responsive and just feels "crisper". It is difficult to quantify the difference, but my Bonneville is better for it. Thanks TTP.

Very Decent Product

- 18th August 2014

I have had this stage one CDI in my bike now for about 3k klm and i have not had one issue with it. Bikes runs great, runs real strong in over 4k which is nice, no popping and subtle exhaust note change. Mounted under my seat which is real nice, gets away from the heat and water under that tank. I would reccomend this without hesitation.

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