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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 12 Reviews for the product - Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 12 (Back to product)
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Tune 12 for 2014 Triumph Bonneville Mag

- 07th May 2016

Bike includes the following mods realtive to a tune:
1) Air box removed
2) SAI
3) KN Filter Pod
4) O2 sensor removed (kit from TTP)
5) Full DnD Exhaust

Issues I had with STOCK TRIUMPH tune were as follows:
1) Inadequate throttle response in 1st
2) No noticeable gains in torque nor horsepower throughout rev/gear range from stock (almost felt a bit bogged down)
3) popping from exhaust on decel even with SAI removed
4) backfire from intake (small "explosions" on occasion
5) Bike ran OK in 17 degrees Celsius or below but as weather temperatures rose, the bike progressively felt weaker
6) Throttle would feel snatchy
7) Idle speed was variable and would stall every so often even at normal running temp

Read a lot of comments from very well respected forum members from Triumph RAT and didn't bother with TuneECU. With all the high praise towards TTP Tune, I went ahead and ordered Tune 12 along with O2 sensor kit and OBD2 cable.

Very difficult to say in words at how pleased I am with the overall performance and how straight forward the process was.

Every one of the issues I had listed above have been rectified. Never could imagine the bike running this well. By far the best valued mod I could recommend to anyone that have similar upgrades. I do not normally endorse something this positively as I'm always providing transparent feedback for consumer awareness. However, this tune was/is absolutely faultless. I do not have access to a Dyno so I can't share any data to back up my endoresment, but I assure anyone who may be thinking about it, to go ahead and do it. You will not need a Dyno sheet to convince yourself that it was worth every penny.

2013 Bonneville SE

- 01st July 2014

For my 2013 Bonneville SE I installed the BC Air box Removal Kit with dual K&N Filters, Crank Breather, DCC O2 Elimnator "screws", BC O2 sensor relay (delete kit) removed SAI, used BC Kit, used Lossa Engineering Shorty Reverse Cone Mufflers.

Sent in my ECU for the download service with tune 12 to TTP, and it was returned promptly. I followed the idle instructions and all i can say is WOW!!!!

The bike feels alive for lack of better words the throttle has been smoothed out the response is incredible, and i am certain the power has increased.

The bike feels like a back road terror with the sophistication of a luxury car. Hard to explain the feeling of the bike but so worth it.

Do yourself a favor and send in your ECU to TTP you'll be very happy!!!!

Tune #11

- 10th June 2013

I have a 2013 Bonneville with the following mods, airbox removal with K&N pod filters and Predator mufflers.
I installed tune #11 and what a difference!!! Best mod ever! Thing pulls like freight train.

Highly recommended, great service!

Better then Stock

- 08th November 2012

Triumph should honestly get TTP to do the tunes on the stock bikes, the increase in all around ride-ability from stock is astounding. Crisp throttle response, clean power delivery, good, solid idle, you really can't ask for more from a performance tune. The roll on from 3-4k at mid throttle is impressive, I can't put into words just how clean and smooth the power builds. I had a slight issue with the first tune they sent and a simple email and I had the modified tune in my possession in less then 24 hours. Many thanks, TTP, I know who to go to after the next stage of mods.

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