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Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 11 2-1 Reviews for the product - Bonneville/T100 Performance Tune 11 2-1 (Back to product)
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Great Tune

- 11th April 2019

Very good performance, you can definitely feel the additional hp. Great product, top service.


Excellent tune, feels like new bike.

- 09th May 2018

I came upon the website by searching for options to flash the ECU after several modifications to my bike.

The tune was not only easy to install with the tool that walked me through the steps but more importantly it resulted night and day difference. Throttle is smooth and responsive at all rev, plus, the first time out I was surprised that my butt slid back in the seat with power that had not been there before.

Awesome work!

Tune 11 2-1

- 31st March 2017

Very quick turnaround, fitted it back on the bike today, after the 20 minute process whent for a ride and what a difference, more power more revs nice smooth throttle response,just what the Bonneville needed, I would definitely recommend TTP services.


- 20th June 2016

Thank you guys!!! Wonderfull!!

Finally my bike sings and runs well ... 120 km/h in second gear limiter. :)

I hope that the fuel consumption is improved thanks to a less "fat" carburation.

ECM tune

- 29th April 2015

WOW TTP nail it, made my T100 come alive, got it back in 3 days. Love it when a plan comes together. Mike you are the man!!

Just as good as my old tune

- 31st March 2015

After some hiccups with my bike were sorted out. I'm more than happy with this tune. Mike made me aware of the loss of torque I was going to get by ditching the airbox. Not noticeable enough for me to care. The sound you get from the pods is worth it.
Happy customer.

Tune 11 2-1. Such a different bike!

- 10th March 2015

I have a 2012 steel wheel Bonneville and had been running it for a few years with the dealer tune with all the mods I made, AI removal, airbox removal, and Hyde pipes. So far so good. However, the bike ran with the usual burps and throttle lag etc.

Last weekend, I downloaded the tune 11 2-1 with DNA pods installed and also removed the 02's and fitted a 2/1 tec pipe. Initially I had problems with the downloading as I didn't realise I had to deal with the error codes but a few calls to Mike and a chat with Forchetto on the forum, turned the bike into a completely different machine. Pulls well throughout the range and no popping, coughing, farting etc!

Demon. Can't wait to the next ride. These tunes are designed for YOUR bike, Not the Triumph tune the dealer thinks you need.

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