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TTP EFI Stage 2 Power Induction Kit

TTP EFI Stage 2 Power Induction Kit
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"Just add silencers!"

The TTP EFI Stage 2 Power Induction Kit includes everything required to tune your EFI bike to your chosen exhaust system.

The mainstay of the Stage 2 kit is our high quality aluminium airbox removal kit (ARK). It was designed by enthusiasts and has a place for every ancillary, easy access for the fuse box, 54% lighter in weight than the original airbox and can accommodate the largest available DNA pod filters.

The Stage 2 kit will greatly improve the mid range torque over standard and with the DNA Performance pod filters installed, will give the best possible top end power from this type of modification. The TTP EFI tune supplied with this kit will decrease/eliminate the snatchy throttle issues that come with a standard bike to give a silky smooth power delivery.

You have a choice of TTP EFI custom tunes developed for use with TORS/Hi Flow, long free flowing silencers, short free flowing silencers or a 2-1 system.

Forget the rest, no other airbox removal kit will give you a complete setup to ensure your Triumph twin will run exactly how you want it to run with your chosen exhaust system.
  • TTP EFI custom performance tune download.
  • TTP ARK - High quality aluminium construction with satin black finish and 54% lighter than the OEM airbox.
  • Scrambler right hand side cover bracket mount point.
  • TTP O2 Removal Kit - Low profile, unobtrusive.
  • OBD-2 USB Cable - Proven reliability, minimal disconnections.
  • DNA Performance Pod Filters - More surface area = more power!
  • DNA Performance Crankcase Filter.

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Snatchy-ness Gone!

- 22nd July 2019

I recently received the Triumph Twin Power Stage-2 Air box Replacement Kit for my 2015 T-100 as a birthday present from my wife (she knew I wanted it). My greatest hope was that it would address the snatchy throttle which had been bothering me for the last 4 years!

I had previously put on a “bell mouth” intake to replace the “snorkel” intake on the air box, put in a K&N air filter, installed Cone engineering “TP Silencers”, and took the bike to a local dyno-motive shop thinking that a hands-on dyno-tune would be the best approach to getting everything just right.

After I installed my parts and the “expert” dyno-tuned it (he admitted it was his first Triumph), the bike did have more power and sounded way more cool. I convinced myself that the snatchy throttle was better, since an expert had just worked on it, but over time I realized that I was still having to feather the clutch constantly to do anything.

It was a real “all-on” or “all-off” jerky throttle that not only made starting off tricky, but also affected throttle during cornering in very negative, unpredictable way.

Since installing my new TTP kit, and downloading Tune-11, my T-100 has been completely transformed! It was easy to install, and all snatchy-jerky throttle issues have vanished!

The idle, and throttle are vastly smoother through all rpm’s with noticeably more power, and I love the unsilenced induction sound. The sound (to me) is subtly changed at lower rpm’s but increases with throttle as would be expected.

I just got back last night from riding 500 miles in the Idaho Sawtooth Mountains, tons of twisties, hairpin turns, steep uphill, downhill, forests, mountains… The experience of my 865 with A.R.K. installed was spectacular! I had such a blast… I am still ecstatic, trying to “come down” from that ride!

Thanks Mike, your efforts as a dedicated Triumph enthusiast, and creating this kit, and time spent getting the tune just right, have truly paid off. I definitely give this kit ...

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Please select the capacity for the correct EFI tune.
Removal of the SAI system isn't essential to
run this kit, but we recommend it as it reduces
deceleration popping and takes heat out of the
exhaust system.
The connection rubbers on each end of the MAP sensor
tubes can be the source of rough running at idle and
small throttle positions. Even the slightest air leak will
cause these problems and over time the original rubbers
can rot or become loose on the inlet manifolds.

These replacement rubbers are made from black silicone,
have a nice tight fit and make replacement much more
economical than buying a pair of complete MAP tube
assemblies from Triumph.
We provide this service for owners who don't have access to a Windows PC
or who don't possess the required knowledge to carry out the reprogramming.

You can send us your ECM and we'll reprogram it for you. We understand
that you wouldn't want your bike off the road for any longer than necessary,
so we process your order and return ship by a signed and insured service
within 48 business hours of your ECM arriving with us.

If you choose to use this service, please ensure you follow the shipping
instructions on your emailed order receipt and we'll ship your complete
order back with your ECM.
Installation of the Stage 2 Power Induction Kit at
our workshop in Bournemouth, Dorset, England.
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