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TTP Carb Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit
TTP Carb Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit

The TTP Carb Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit includes everything required to tune your bike to your chosen exhaust system. This kit can be used with or without the internal airbox baffle installed to give excellent mid range torque and very good top end power.

With this kit and the airbox baffle removed, you can achieve top end performance very close to that only previously available by removing the airbox and fitting pod filters.

With this kit you have a choice of TTP jetting kits developed for use with TORS, long free flowing silencers, short free flowing silencers or a 2-1 system.

  • TTP dyno developed jetting kit to suit your exhaust system.
  • TTP Breathe airbox intake cover - Highest flow, lowest restriction.
  • DNA Performance Air Filter - More surface area = more power!
  • TTP SAI Removal Kit - low profile, unobtrusive, available in black or silver.
  • TTP Stainless steel carb hex screw kit - For easier jetting changes.

Read about removing the internal airbox baffle.

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2007 T100

- 27th February 2018

Installed the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit. Bike also has SAI removed as well as airbox baffle removed. The kit is very well made and instructions are very informative. As said, the the airbox baffle is a fiddly job but you need to take your time doing the job.

The result after getting the jetting correct is quite obvious. Like others, its a shame these bikes didn't come like this from the factory. The increase in torque throughout the rev range which is where you will do most of your riding puts a smile on your face every time you ride.

Mike was more than happy to reply to a couple of emails (thanks Mike). The only issue I had was the Keihin CVK D-tool did not fit in the motion pro carb tool.I had to file the hex to make it fit but once this was done the tool made adjusting the fuel mixtures very easy to do. Thanks again Mike. I look forward to getting on the dyno for the results.

Current setup is the following .
2007 T100 Boneville
Staintune Mufflers
SAI removed , Airbox baffle removed
TTP stage 1 air induction kit
#42 pilot jet , NZBT needle with one shim.
Two turns out on fuel screw
#135 main jet

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List Price: £154.56   Discount on this product.
Price: £146.83 (£176.20 Inc. VAT)
€167.49 EUR (+VAT)    $195.10 USD    $262.64 AUD

  Black SAI Removal Kit  Silver SAI Removal Kit  
Black                         Silver
Please select from the following options
so we can supply the correct jetting.
Please choose if your internal airbox baffle will be
removed or left in place so we can select the correct
EFI tune or jetting.
Please select the elevation you ride at for a majority of the time.
The selection is from sea level up to 3000ft/1400m or above
Please choose which silencers/exhaust system you're running.
The choice is TORS (Triumph Off Road Silencers)/high flow
silencers, long free flowing silencers of more than 20"/50cm
(not including link pipe), short free flowing silencers of less
than 20"/50cm (not including link pipe) or for the Bonneville,
T100, Thruxton and Scrambler a complete 2-1 system.
These are the Motion Pro Carb Tool and D-Tool. These are the
best tools for making jetting changes and adjustments easier.

The carb tool has the correct size bits for the main jets
and pilot jets and the D-Tool is used to adjust the pilot screw.

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