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TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit Reviews for the product - TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit (Back to product)
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Great kit, great service, great advice!

- 31st March 2017

Not being a competent mechanic, I arranged with TTP to deliver this kit and remapped ECU to the guys who usually service my Bonneville SE. TTP's customer service is excellent and delivery was accurate and timely. Mike at TTP was on hand to offer helpful and friendly advice when needed. The kit itself combined with NH Togas and airbox baffle removal has transformed the bike as predicted. A great kit which delivers great value for money.

Scrambler Stage 1 Kit

- 17th February 2017

I was nervous at first to buy this product but so far a great investment! Well within a weekend of work, this kit has made quite a difference in the performance of my bike which has the BC Shotgun Exhaust.

One thing to note on Scramblers, is if you plan to remove the air box baffle, don't forget you'll have to take off your exhaust as it blocks the right side of the air box which was something that didn't dawn on me until I had received the kit.

Wonderful customer support and the Tune Loader was super easy thanks to the informative instructions provided with the kit. Two thumbs up!


- 05th January 2017

Triumph America with TORS long exhaust, stage 1 kit and tune. Amazing how much power it adds and throttle response also. Great kit and great company. Thanks.

Torque Induction Kit

- 16th November 2016

Great kit, good instructions and good support.
Tuneloader works faultlessly, and what a difference power wise the installed kit makes.


Smooth ride!!

- 20th September 2016

The stage 1 torque kit was an excellent upgrade for my 2011 thruxton. The bike now runs like it should have out of the factory!! The install was a breeze, all the bits and pieces were perfect. The directions were easy to follow.
Totally happy with the smoother ride and stronger running engine.

Bonnie with 2-1 Exhaust Improved

- 18th September 2016

I wanted to try the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit to get rid of stuttering and jerky take-offs.

I was intimidated at first but after referring to the included instructions and the website I figured it out. Email questions were answered promptly too.

First ride, no more jerkiness. Almost made me laugh when taking off from a stop the first few times. I had to HOLD ON to the handlebars tighter than I did before so I didn't fall off.


WOW! Unleash the potential!!

- 07th September 2016

I upgraded the intake on my 08 Triumph America with the TTP EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit along with removing the SAI and O2 sensors, along with the Performance Tune 1. Wow! what a difference, it feels this is what this bike was always ment to be before it was shackled with emmission controls. All up didn't take that long to do all the modifications, would have been quicker if I had read the instructions..... but hey, what can you do?

I highly recommend this product and the service from TTP is beyond reproach! Mike at TTP always returns emails promptly with sound advice, it is obvious that he knows his Triumph's.

Bonnie power unleashed!

- 01st August 2016

This stage one induction kit turned my Bonneville from a docile boring jerky bike into a new machine. I Did the work on the air box, removing baffle, sensors removed, breathe kit fitted and a set of Norman Hyde pea shooters.

What a difference. I recommend this kit to anyone with a standard Bonnie who is thinking of upgrading it.
Very comprehensive kit and the results are outstanding.

Thanks Mike

Awesome performance mod!!

- 28th July 2016

These kats at TTP know what's going on! I installed stage 1 kit along with new silencers on '14 Bonnie.

Like a new bike! Runs great! Increased torque and runs smoother. Not to mention the instructions made installing the kit painless.

These guys obviously care about there products, customers, and their business.


- 26th July 2016

Like a new bike. Why don't Triumph make them like this? I did consider getting rid of my America, but now I am just annoyed that the weather in Norway is so bad. Just want to ride. Highly recommended.

A new bike!

- 25th July 2016

Really good quality, with clear instructions and a user-friendly interface to install the tune.
Once installed, I had only one regret: not to have done it sooner.
On top of that, a very reactive and friendly customer service.

Only 4 stars though, because of the installation file for the tune that triggers my antivirus, and the only solution was to disable the antivirus while loading the tune on the bike.

Torque kit and stage 2 map

- 18th June 2016

Now that's more like it! Nice low end torque and top end power. Thank you for putting together a complete kit that eliminates the guess work, now if you just did suspension. :)

Easy upgrade

- 13th June 2016

A very easy upgrade to my America.
I have TORS, did the SAI, installed the Breathe kit, pulled the O2 sensors and loaded the Tune 1.
Took about 90 min.
Bike runs so much better, especially on the highway.
Well worth the money spent.

👌👌👌👌 👌

- 08th June 2016

Triumph Twin Power team,
Just a note to say how pleased I was buying your Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit from you. The emails are great informing of the status and shipping of my order. I'am impressed with the quality of the part's, they arrived well packaged. The Bonneville has been transformed. Again thanks for a good experience and professional care.

Stage 1 Kit

- 01st June 2016

Fast delivery of re-mapped ECU and tune-up kit from TTP. My '15 Scrambler was suffering from the usual fuelling problems associated with noise and emissions regs. I'd sorted the suspension, but was getting frustrated with the jerkiness and poor starting/stalling issues. The standard exhaust also sounded awful!

I've now fitted the Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit together with the EFI tune 4, Arrow 2:1, and the bike is totally transformed. Another very happy and satisfied customer. Thank you TTP!

EFI Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit

- 09th May 2016

This is a quality product. And TTP's end to end service is hard to fault. I am a motorbike novice, especially when it comes to modifications and ECU tunes. TTP's straightforward on-line ordering process, quality items, clear installation instructions and prompt and attentive after-sales technical support meant that my Bonneville is pulling like a steam train with a minimum of fuss. Big performance gains for reasonable money. Highly recommended.

Stage 1 torque induction kit - Release the inner beast!

- 08th May 2016

Recently acquired my '09 bonneville, looked online for performance mods/upgrades.Kept seeing TTP mentioned again and again. Decided to check them out, spoke to Mike, kit delivered next day. Followed full clear instructions throughout. Resulting in a nicer sounding, higher torque pulling, smoother feeling, massively improved responsive bike! Give your bike what it deserves - Great value, Great support, Great bike!

Just awesome

- 30th April 2016

This kit is the best thing I've purchased for my 2011 Thruxton. I paired it with the TEC 2-1 Tracker exhaust and used the TTP 1 2-1 tune, and the bike is so much more responsive. Throttle snatch is completely gone and it's just so smooth now. It feels like a new bike.

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